Response to Natural Disasters

The Togholqaha, one of villages related to Doshi district of Baghlan province is located about eight kilometers west of the district center. Most of the residents of this village fulfill their daily needs from farming, livestock, horticulture and shop-keeping activities while a number of  More


Water an Essential Element of Life

As an essential human need, water plays an important role in our life as nobody can survive without it. The overall living things on the earth are deeply in need of water and the environment is always incomplete in the  More


The National Solidarity Programme

The National Solidarity Program (NSP), under The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD), works through a community-driven development approach that gives control of decisions and resources to communities.  NSP views people as assets and partners in development and strengthens  More


Education, the Gateway to Success

Every individual in the community should have access to education in order to ensure the development of their country. The acquisition of knowledge, particularly in Afghanistan whose educational system has severely been affected in the past years of civil strife,  More


National Solidarity Programme and the Maintenance Cash Grant Project

Part of MRRD Minister Eng. Naseer Ahmad Durrani’s speech during Joint Coordination and Monitoring Board (JCMB) Meeting “One of the flagship programs of the Afghan government is the National Solidarity Program – a name widely known to you  More