94 Development Projects Rehabilitated through the MCG Initiative in Logar Province

According to NSP Provincial Manager in Logar province, these projects have recently been rehabilitated at a sum of AFN 53, 184,000 under the Maintenance Cash Grant Initiative in the Pole - Alam the center and Mohammad Agha District of Logar province.

The projects include the cleaning of irrigation canals, Kariz, Protection wall, Retaining wall, Pathway, Community center and rural roads.  Directly benefiting 24,113 families in the region, around 5,289 local skilled and unskilled labors have been provided with employment opportunities during the maintenance process of these projects.The MCG Initiative operating within the framework of the MRRD/NSP has so far been able to cover 276 communities and rehabilitate 146 welfare projects already executed by the MRRD/NSP in various sectors e.g. transport, water and sanitation, irrigation, power, livelihoods, education, etc while another 151 are currently under revitalization in Logar province.